IC 4970, an unbarred galaxy in the constellation Pavo

IC 4970, an unbarred galaxy in the constellation Pavo - Culture's Ways

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IC 4970 is an unbarred lenticular galaxy in the constellation Pavo. It is 212 million light-years from Earth and is interacting with the barred spiral galaxy NGC 6872. It was discovered on 21 September 1900 by American astronomer DeLisle Stewart.


What is IC 4970?

Interaction with NGC 6872

IC 4970 is located a few arcseconds away from the much larger barred spiral galaxy NGC 6872, and the two are known to be interacting with each other. Horrelou and Koribalski (2007) reported on a computer simulation used to determine how the two galaxies were interacting. The study concluded that IC 4970 approached NGC 6872 nearly along the plane of its spiral disk, making a closest approach approximately 130 million years ago resulting in the latter’s current highly elongated shape.

NGC 6872

NGC 6872, also known as the Condor Galaxy, is a large barred spiral galaxy in the constellation Pavo. It is 212 million light-years (65 Mpc) from Earth and is approximately five billion years old. NGC 6872 is interacting with the lenticular galaxy IC 4970, which is less than one twelfth as large. The galaxy has two elongated arms; from tip to tip, NGC 6872 measures 522,000 light-years (160,000 pc), making it one of the largest-known spiral galaxies. It was discovered on 27 June 1835 by English astronomer John Herschel.

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Image: ESA / Hubble
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