Did you know Max Müller?

Culture's Ways - "A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love." Max Muller

“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.” Max Müller


Who was Max Müller?

Friedrich Max Müller (1823 – 1900), was a German-born philologist and Orientalist, who lived and studied in Britain for most of his life. He was one of the founders of the western academic field of Indian studies and the discipline of comparative religion. Müller wrote both scholarly and popular works on the subject of Indology. 

Academic career

In 1850 Müller was appointed deputy Taylorian professor of modern European languages at Oxford University. In the following year, at the suggestion of Thomas Gaisford, he was made an honorary M.A. and a member of the college of Christ Church, Oxford. On succeeding to the full professorship in 1854, he received the full degree of M.A. by Decree of Convocation. In 1858 he was elected to a life fellowship at All Souls’ College.

He was defeated in the 1860 election for the Boden Professorship of Sanskrit, which was a “keen disappointment” to him. Müller was far better qualified for the post than the other candidate, but his broad theological views, his Lutheranism, his German birth and lack of practical first-hand knowledge of India told against him. Later in 1868, Müller became Oxford’s first Professor of Comparative Philology, a position founded on his behalf. 

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